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"Nothing stands between you and the fulfillment of your dream but facts. And facts
are the creations of imagining. If you change your imagining, you will change the facts. "
~ Neville Goddard

The Secret to Attracting Money - Joe Vitale

Joe Vitale –
The Secret to Attracting Money

CDs, DVD and Workbook

Just listening to this course will expand your beliefs about what’s possible in your life. Actually doing the workbook exercises will make a profound difference in your level of abundance. Dr. Joe Vitale is one of the more renowned teachers featured on the The Secret DVD This 6-CD program, with its bonus DVD, will turn around the old beliefs and assumptions that keep your dream of wealth on hold. Sample a short video clip before buying. You get a money-back guarantee on this powerful product (but we guarantee you won’t need it!)

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The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want
Book by Joe Vitale

This amazing little book lays out the blueprint for attracting wealth and all good things into your life – by renowned teacher of “The Secret,” the dynamic Dr. Joe Vitale. The world sometimes wears us down and make us forget what we know. It’s books like this that make us remember again.

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Jack canfield work shop

Jack Canfield in Person – One-Day Workshop
Success Principles, North America,
April 4

Jack Canfield’s teachings have helped tens of thousands of people empower their lives. You can’t be in the same room with this man for a day without fundamentally changing. Exposing yourself to his can-do perceptions and energy alters your subconscious beliefs about what is possible in your life. When your deeply-held assumptions change, so does your outer reality. Jack Canfield is the incredibly inspiring Law of Attraction teacher who founded the Chicken Soup for the Soul books and who was featured on The Secret DVD.

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Jump Start Your Life

Jack Canfield
Audio Class

No-Cost Mini-Lesson

Want to sample The Secret teacher Jack Canfield without paying anything? Listen to his one-hour, no-charge audio class, “Getting Started.” Jack talks about how to eliminate fear and worry and how to prosper, emotionally and financially, in situations where others flounder. In these economic times, what could be more timely?

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Three Visualizations to Attract Abundance

We’ve all heard how visualizing is a key tool for attracting what we desire, but how and what to visualize isn’t always clear. This week we’ll talk about three visualizations you can practice to generate abundance, and in a few weeks, we’ll devote two newsletters to visualization itself and how to do it effectively. (If you’re in a hurry to improve your technique, check out a book called The Law and the Promise, by Neville. In our opinion, it’s the best visualization primer on the market.)

So on to this week’s topic: what to visualize when you want to visualize wealth? The trick seems to be picking an image that resonates with your own subconscious. You’ll know when you find such an image, because you will really “get into it” as you contemplate it – you’ll find yourself imaging easily, and with feeling.

The subconscious mind thinks in images, as our night-dreaming demonstrates. That’s why thinking images TO the subconscious is so effective – when we do this, we’re talking its language, so to speak. Visualizing something you want is like dropping a seed into deeper mind, where it germinates and grows until it breaks through the surface of reality, to sprout as a manifestation in the world.

The ‘Grow Your Own’ Approach

Any image for wealth that resonates with you is a good one. For starters, try asking your subconscious to provide one. Lie down and close your eyes, concentrate on relaxing your body part by part, from toes to the top of your head. Then focus on slow, deep breathing for a couple of minutes. Then just notice your awareness itself, the quietness. In the relaxed, drowsy state this exercise produces, ask your subconscious to give you an image that generates wealth. Then just lie there and see what pops into your imagination. It will probably be just the image you need. If you don’t like what you get, ask for another.

When you find an image that’s effective for you, you will have an “ah yes!” reaction. Then use that image (running it like a mental movie) to fall asleep on whenever you take a nap or go to bed at night. You can also contemplate the image just as you start to wake up in the morning. Doing these things will send the message to your deeper mind that abundance is desired and accepted. The universe, with which your deeper mind is intimately linked, will then go to work to bring more abundance to you!

That’s our first suggestion for visualizing wealth. If you aren’t the “grow-your-own” type of person and prefer a prepackaged visualization, you can also try these images on for size, to grow your abundance:

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The Secret to Attracting Money – a Program You Don’t Want to Miss

The Secret to Attracting Money - Joe Vitale

Did you like the approach to wealth generation you read about in this and last week’s newsletter? Are you committed to seriously working on programming your subconscious mind to attract abundance into your life? If so, we highly recommend you to a program that develops and expands the ideas we’ve talked about here and takes them (and you!) to the next level: Dr. Joe Vitale’s The Secret to Attracting Money.

This is a powerful, no-hype audio course that was created by a man who himself went from homelessness to millionaire wealth, just by changing his mind. Joe Vitale is so expert in The Law of Attraction and its application to money that Rhonda Byrne featured him as one of the teachers on The Secret DVD.

The course is a six-CD program (with a bonus DVD) that explains how to get rich starting from the inside out. We know of no better coach to guide someone in producing the wealth they’ve always wanted. Clicking on the link to this product will let you view a video clip of Dr. Joe talking about abundance, so you can decide for yourself if you resonate with this guy’s way of teaching. If you like this newsletter, we think you’ll like him!

Purchasing a CD course involves a small outlay of money – certainly more than a book would – but it’s an investment you make in in-depth change, in your own happiness. When you invest in anything, it’s like throwing seed into the ground: if you’ve bought good seed, throwing it away yields, in the end, far more than you lost.

Click on the link, see what Joe Vitale has to say, and then decide for yourself:
The Secret to Attracting Money.

If we put sound effects on our product promotions, you’d hear horns, applause and whistles with this one.

Wishing all our readers expanding wealth, fun, and every kind of gladness!

Richie Coutts and Anneli Asplund
Richie and Anneli Signature
Richie Coutts and Anneli Asplund
Founders of Global Secrets International

P.S. We always love to hear from you! Please send feedback on how we can make things better and also your stories about applying The Law of Attraction in your life. Feel free to forward this newsletter to family and friends.

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