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The Secret Changed Our Lives

Global Secrets International LogoGlobal Secrets International is a family owned Australian business that was formed to help people reach their full potential in life.

The Secret DVD so inspired us from the moment we saw it and started watching it daily that our lives began to change rapidly. We told everyone about this amazing DVD, which was created by Rhonda Byrne, also an Australian. Our goal is to also spread the word about this extraordinary film, and Like Rhonda, we too want everyone in the world to see it, and then the world is changed!

It’s funny though, we have always known about the methods and teachings that are talked about in The Secret. We have been learning it for years, but it was not until The Secret was released that it so inspired us, in such a simple way, to take action and to actually do something about our lives.

The Secret movie must be seen

We believe that as more and more people see this life changing movie, and start to move forward in their lives in a positive way, understanding that riches and abundance are their birth-right, that rivalry, competition and greed will fall away from us all, and that a new way a being will emerge we will all begin to live differently and with greater harmony. In the words of Buckminster-Fuller, “when critical mass is reached, the world is changed”.

Our aim

Our aim is to continue provide you with as much helpful information and materials on our website about The Secret, the wonderful “Teachers” in The Secret and the many other wonderful life changing tools and readings that will help you in your own education and life journey.

As a family, and as individuals, we have been involved in several successful small businesses. We have many years of learning about creating personal wealth abundance – physically, emotionally and spiritually and still continue to learn. As soon as we saw The Secret we realized that it encapsulates that knowledge.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to support people world wide to evolve and grow to become the best they possibly can and to create the life of their dreams.
We do that by sourcing and providing high quality information, methods, techniques and tools which will inspire people to explore their inner potential, to find their purpose in life and to follow their dreams.
We are dedicated to continuously learn, evolve and grow as a business so that our customers achieve real results and real changes in their lives.

Our Vision

We are leaders in the field of personal growth and human potential.
We have a world-class highly successful online business with multiple websites. The service that we provide inspires, supports and encourages millions of people every year to empower and change their lives to be successful in whatever they pursue, and to live the life of their dreams.
We nurture a successful network of partners, customers and associates; together we create mutual, enduring value to the world.

Our Team

Richie Coutts Richie Coutts
Writer, research, Logistics and Blog manager - http://selfhelpandmeditation.blogspot.com

Hi, my name is Richie. My partner Anneli and I have a beautiful daughter Klara (at the time of writing, as there is another on the way). We live on the Great Ocean Rd in Victoria, Australia very close to a number of beautiful beaches and bush land. Some of my life passions are personal development, The Law of attraction, The Secret and learning how to fulfill my dreams. My hobby and meditation is surfing (yes, it is meditation to me), and I also enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, nature and good, wholesome organic food.

Anneli AsplundAnneli Asplund - www.go2.thesgrprogram.com and www.4lifeselfhelp.com
Website design/development, Graphic design and Product development

Hi there, I am Anneli. As you already know I am partnered with Richie and have been building web sites for the last 4 years. I am currently studying web development and am very excited to be a part of this website about one of my favorite films – The Secret. My background is visual merchandising and sales. I have worked for the Swedish furnishing company IKEA for a number of years as a sales manager before venturing on to doing our own online business full time. My other interests are our 3 year old daughter Klara, traveling, Pilates, downhill skiing, natural health, graphic design and nature.
Winsome CouttsWinsome Coutts
Writing, relationship building, teaching, marketing, product development and negotiating.

One of my passions is personal development, and I have been to many seminars and courses from Bob Proctor to John DeMartini to Robert Kiyosaki to name a few. I have been following the works and teachings of many of ‘The Teachers’ in The Secret well before the movie was made. I am also a passionate reader of personal development material. My professional career started as a teacher, I have owned a Patchwork shop and mail order business, ran a Bed and Breakfast from our country home, managed a conference centre and helped recruit rural doctors. What else? I am a very keen gardener, with a special interest in local indigenous planting as part of my wider interest in sustainable living and the environment; property investing, traveling, spending time with friends and especially with my family. Off and on I am learning golf.