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Bob Proctor’s ‘Purpose – Vision - Goals’

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‘Purpose, Vision, Goals’ helps you find the answers to these questions .…. How can I figure out my purpose? What the heck is my vision? How do I choose which goals?

Have you been puzzling over how you find your purpose? What the heck is it? What about your vision? That is an even harder one. Do you even know where to start? Then what about goals, what exactly should you choose, where do they fit in here?

These are the questions addressed by Bob Proctor in his succinct and easy to understand manner. Bob gives examples which make it downright easy for us to understand what all this means. He provides clear signposts for you to follow. Bob’s uncomplicated language and every day examples lead you towards understanding how to create your goals.

Now it’s up to you – “There are no excuses”. It won’t take you long, but this little book will set you on the path. Read Bob Proctor’s ‘Purpose – Vision – Goals’ now.

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