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Bob Doyle Book Wealth Beyond Reason
Wealth Beyond Reason

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Bob Doyle

Bob Doyle, Author

Bob Doyle is one of the teachers on The Secret DVD. He has created an inspiring program which he facilitates all over the US - Wealth Beyond Reason

"The emotions are this incredible gift that we have to let us know what we’re attracting."- Bob Doyle

About Bob Doyle

A few years ago Bob took the plunge and left his stultifying corporate job without any sort of ‘financial’ safety net. It was that bad! As Bob says: “Once I began understanding the Law of Attraction and "wealth consciousness", a major switch flipped!”

Now – Bob is showing others through his powerful multi-media curriculum on the law of attraction, practical steps on how to bring success, abundant wealth and awesome relationships into their lives.

Just for fun Bob writes music, does voiceover work, writes, provides consulting in various areas of marketing (but only to the extent that it's fun to do that!), and other things that simply occur to him as fun to do. What a wonderful life!

We have reviewed Bob’s programWealth Beyond Reason and consider it to be one of the most complete, easy to follow and practical study programs on the Law of Attraction available on the Internet, and possibly anywhere!
Bob includes, in addition to the textbooks, structured Audio Lectures to guide you through the course material, and hours of subject-specific follow-up seminars, expert interviews, and Law of Attraction tools such as audio meditation files that are specifically designed to tweak your "wealth consciousness" and clear the path for manifesting abundance.
Our verdict - quality materials and professional service. Well worth the small investment. A full money back guarantee is provided.

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