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You need to focus on wealth to attract money to yourself.

If you are thinking about debt, and not having enough; if you are noticing that things are too expensive, if you comment often on the bills you receive; you are focusing on not having enough. You are thinking thoughts of lack. This creates more of the same.

You must focus on abundance of money, on ‘bucket loads of wealth’, to bring it to you.

“Every person has the capability to change the way their inner conversation and relationship with money.”
- Loral Langemeier

Have fun with This Secret check.

Print it off and place it in your wallet, beside your computer – lots of places. How about you post some to your friends? How does that feel? It’s exciting isn’t it? Notice you feel good when you imagine you have lots of money, when you imagine that you are wealthy enough to send big cheques in the mail.

The Secret Check
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The idea is to feel good. To have lots of fun, and to feel the positive emotions of what wealth feels like. The more often you do this, the quicker you are going to attract wealth into your life.

BE and FEEL happy now, this really is the secret to bringing abundance in any of its forms, into your life.

"So many times people say to me, “Well, I’d like to double my income in the next year” and then you look at their actions and they’re not doing the things that are going to make that happen, and they’ll turn around and go, “I can’t afford that”. Ok, guess what? “Your wish is my command.” - James Arthur Ray

James Ray is one of the teachers in "The Secret" - This book is a definite recommendation if you would like to achieve a "Million Dollar Mindset"!