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Esther Hicks, Spiritualist

Esther and Jerry HicksEsther Hicks is an absolutely inspiring teacher on the ORIGINAL version of The Secret DVD. We were disappointed indeed when her participation was removed from The Secret for its second release in October 2006, Read why here. She plays a major role in enlightening us through her ‘connection’ to a being or group of beings she and her husband Jerry call ‘Abraham’.

"What you think and what you feel and what you manifest is always a match. Every single time. No exception."- Esther Hicks

About Esther Hicks

Note: This information is found on their website

“Jerry and Esther Hicks began, in 1986, disclosing their Abraham experience to a handful of close business associates. Then, recognizing the practical results being received by those persons who began plying Abraham with meaningful personal questions regarding their finances, bodily conditions, and relationships... the Hickses made a conscious decision to allow Abraham's teachings to become available to an ever widening circle of seekers.”

What or who is Abraham? Abraham has been described as "a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension" which Esther experiences as an ‘inspiration’.

“A Synopsis of Abraham-Hicks' Teachings

  • You are a Physical Extension of that which is Non-physical.
  • You are here in this body because you chose to be here.
  • The basis of your life is Freedom; the purpose of your life is Joy.
  • You are a creator; you create with your every thought.
  • Anything that you can imagine is yours to be or do or have.
  • You are choosing your creations as you are choosing your thoughts.
  • The Universe adores you; for it knows your broadest intentions.
  • Relax into your natural Well-being. All is well. (Really it is!)
  • You are a creator of thoughtways on your unique path of joy.
  • Actions to be taken and money to be exchanged are by-products of your focus on joy.
  • You may appropriately depart your body without illness or pain.
  • You cannot die; you are Everlasting Life.

It is not necessary for even one other person to understand the Laws of the Universe or the processes that we are offering here in order for you to have a wonderful, happy, productive Life Experience -- for you are the attractor of your experience. Just you! ”

In the ORIGINAL version of The Secret DVD Esther Hicks brings her knowledge and inspiration of the teachings of Abraham to us in a wonderful enlightening way. She teaches about what she calls our emotional guidance system with our good and bad feelings which we can use to direct our thoughts. Once you understand this idea, it is enormously helpful in starting to redirect your thoughts towards producing the outcomes which you want in your life.

Esther and her husband have published books, CDs and DVDs on the teachings of Abraham and The Law of Attraction. They talk to many thousands of people each year. Their products include “Ask and it is Given”, “The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham” and “The Secret Behind "The Secret".”

If you can find a copy of the ORIGINAL Secret DVD we strongly recommend you take 90 minutes to sit down and learn from Esther and discover this brilliant information for yourself.

Why was Esther Hicks omitted from The Secret?