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John Assaraf book The street kids guide
The Street Kid's Guide to Having It All

john Assaraf book having it all
Having It All: Achieving Your Lifes Goals and Dreams

John Assaraf

John Assaraf, Entrepreneur

John Assaraf is one of the exciting teachers in The Secret , and a very successful young entrepreneur who shared his own amazing story about the magic of creating "Vision Boards".

"We can have whatever it is that we choose. I don’t care how big it is."- John Assaraf

About John Assaraf

In his early 20’s John’s life was a mess, he was involved in street gangs as a teenager - and today he is a gifted teacher of his program Business Mastery, and the founder of One Coach. John is an international best selling author, lecturer, and business advisor, helping his clients create millions of dollars in one year.

He is the author of The Street Kid's Guide to Having It All, an inspirational guide - the best practical lessons about the mind, peak human performance, the natural laws that make it all happen and his formula for achieving outstanding success in each area of life.

About Goal Setting, John has this to say: “Without written goals people just have open wishes. The successful people I know ALL have targets they are aiming for that are very specific and concrete…….If your life is worth living... it's worth planning!”

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