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The Power

By Rhonda Byrne

Here’s some exciting news about the latest release from The Secret team. It’s the sequel to The Secret, a brand new book entitled The Power

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The Power - Audio-Book

Released September 7th, 2010
By Rhonda Byrne

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The Sequel to The Secret

Rhonda Byrnes and Prime Time Productions have been working on The sequel to The Secret for many months now, and there is much anticipation to what they will come up with.

After the enormous success that The Secret has had in reaching the masses and changing lives, one could ask, what possibly could they come up with that could come even come close to having the same effect?

"You become what you think about most but you also attract what you think about most"- John Assaraf

The Power - has now been released!

Update August 18th 2010

You can now order The Power. Rhonda Byrne's new book and audio-book was released on the 17th of August.

You can order the book/audio-book here:

Order The Power by Rhonda Byrne - Book

Order The Power by Rhonda Byrne - Audio-Book

This is what the author herself say about the book:

"On August 17th, a major new book is being released to the world. It's called The Power.

The Power contains the essence of everything I have learned since The Secret was released in 2006. In The Power you will come to understand that all it takes is just one thing to change your relationships, money, health, happiness, career, and your entire life. There are not a hundred different positive forces in life, there is only one.

The knowledge contained within The Power can change your life so fast you will scarcely be able to believe it!

From The Power
"In this book I want to show you the way to an amazing life. There is so much for you to know about life, and it is all good, in fact, it is beyond good, it is phenomenal!

You don't need to have read The Secret for The Power to change your life, because everything you need to know is contained in The Power. If you have read The Secret, then The Power will add immeasurably to what you already know.

You are meant to have an amazing life!""

Rhonda Byrne
Stay tuned...

Anneli and Richie

Watch the Trailer for 'The Power'

The Power - the Sequel to The Secret - Confirmed

Update July 17th 2010

It is confirmed, The Power, written by Rhonda Byrne is the long awaited sequel to The Secret which is very exciting news for the millions of ‘Secret’ fans out there. For more details and the latest updates, go to The Power or you can order the Hardcover version of The Power by Rhonda Byrne on Amazon here. (amazon link)

We will be writing regular reviews and updates about The Power so make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter so that you can hear the latest news and learn more about it.

Stay tuned...

Anneli and Richie

Is 'The Power' the Sequel to The Secret

Update July 2010

A brand new book called The Power, written by Rhonda Byrne is to be released in August 2010 and could potentially be the long awaited sequel to The Secret which has become a best seller in every country where it has been launched and has over 16 million copies in print.

This is the first real sign that there will perhaps be a sequel to the Secret, in the past there have been only rumors. We haven't seen it confirmed yet that it will be a continuation of The Secret, but you can bet we will be making some calls to see what we can find out.

You can pre-order the Hardcover version of The Power by Rhonda Byrne on Amazon here.

Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter so that you can hear the latest news.

Stay tuned...

Anneli and Richie

The Secret to Teen Power – The Latest Secret Release

Update September 2009

Here’s some exciting news about the latest release from The Secret team. It’s not the sequel to The Secret, but Paul Harrington, producer of the original version of The Secret has finished a brand new book entitled “The Secret to Teen Power”

Click here to purchase The Secret to Teen Power by Paul Harrington.

Due to be released on September the 15th, The Secret to Teen Power will include:

  • exploring the Law of Attraction from a teenager's point of view
  • All the themes of teenage life
  • self-image
  • relationships
  • school
  • family
  • ambitions
  • values, and dreams.

‘The book includes real life stories written by teens themselves after seeing the secret and is crammed with powerful tips and strategies to help teens and young readers discover their purpose, achieve happiness and harmony in every aspect of their lives, and create abundance and joy.’

The Secret to Teen Power – Watch this video.

We are yet to receive the book but will write a review as soon as it arrives.

Anneli and Richie

Will There be a Sequel to The Secret?

Update August 2009

Excellent question…will there be a sequel to The Secret movie and book?

Apparently the Sequel to The Secret book has been written, to be released any time now. The Secret Sequel Movie has been made, just waiting on the soundtrack to be finished. But where is it?
(Of course these are all just rumours and whispers from the main suppliers and a few other contacts we have, so don’t take this info as set in concrete).

All is whisper quiet in the Rhonda Byrne and ‘TS Production LLC’ camps. I wonder why? What do you think is going on? You’d think that we should start seeing a few rumours trickling out soon to warm up the crowd and get the buzz going, but nope, nothing, not even a word or mention on the official secret forum for a long time.

Perhaps it is the ongoing litigation case between Rhonda Byrne and Drew Herriot and Dan Hollings that is holding things up.
Hmmm, anyway, please, if you hear anything about what’s going on with the next ‘Secret instalment’, let us know

Make sure you sign up to ‘The Secret Spotlight’ to keep updated. We will keep our ears and eyes peeled and let you know as soon as we hear word.

Anneli and Richie

The Secret Book Sequel may not be far away.

Update February 2009

After rumours that started way back in early 2007 about a follow up book and movie to The Secret, we recently heard the news from one of the major suppliers that Rhonda Byrnes’ sequel to the Secret Book is not far away.
April 2009 has been mentioned for the release date, although apparently a title has not yet been decided.
According to the Los Angeles Times blogsite The Secret is nearing it’s 100th week on the L.A. Times bestseller list, and both the book and DVD have reached over $300 Million in sales since its release in 2006.

Now ….. I’m not sure how long it takes to print a heap of books; but I’m guessing they will be looking at a pretty big print run for the first release considering the success of the Secret Book and DVD so far.
So I guess they’d better get a wriggle on and choose a name so that they can start printing if it’s going to be released in April. Hey…It’s all rumours anyway, and personally, I will believe it when I see it. Let’s hope its sooner rather than later, I can’t wait to see what the next instalment is about.

P.S. The other news that we heard was that the follow up DVD will be released in Sept/Oct; but that’s ages away from now, so we will let you know more when we hear something concrete.

‘The Secret Daily Teachings’ It’s Official…Release due December 2008

Update November 2008

The Secret Daily Teachings by Rhonda Byrne.

Finally, the release of the next work from The Secret has been announced.

There have been so many ‘copycat’ products which are NOT from The Secret; but it is not until over two and a half years later that the official word is out now.

Some of those Copycat Secret Products include:

  • Beyond The Secret
  • The Compass
  • The Opus
  • Pass it on
  • Life in Perpetual Beta
  • Awakening
  • The Meta Secret
And there are probably quite a few that we haven’t even heard of!

But this one is official and has been written by Rhonda Byrne herself.

Here are some of the details that we know so far…

The new book: ‘The Secret Daily Teachings’ will expand your knowledge of The Law of Attraction far beyond what you can imagine (according to Publishers Weekly)

The book includes ‘365 brand new insights that build on The Secret’s powerful truths’ and promises ‘more joy, abundance and blessings…every single day of the year.’ ‘The Secret Daily Teachings’ weighs 1 pound! That’s nearly ½ kilogram! It has an interesting format; the cover folds back to form a prop for your desk.

‘The Secret Daily Teachings’ is a perennial book – i.e. it is not dated; you will use it year after year....

750,000 copies are being printed and some suppliers are taking backorders before Christmas and will be shipping on the 9th December, 2008.
Click here to order your copy

If you are after The Secret Daily Teachings to fill a Christmas stocking go here quick smart, as I think they will sell very quickly as soon as the word starts getting around.

Good luck in getting your early copy - The Secret Daily Teachings’ by Rhonda Byrne.
Oh by the way, there is also a Spanish Version.

If you would like to keep up with the latest on any new ‘Secret releases’ (including the new movie and other products) make sure that you are on our newsletter mailing list.

The Sequel to The Secret Update

Update August 2008

What’s the whisper?

It’s a very small whisper, but we do know for sure that Rhonda Bryne and team are definitely working on a book to follow on from The Secret Book, and THEN a Sequel to The Secret DVD too. The DVD will be based on the new book we are told.

When is this to arrive? September was mentioned, but we’ll see.

If you were hoping to get the Secret Calendar again this year I’m afraid you are going to be disappointed. Even though The Secret Calender was very popular last year, Rhonda is so busy with the other projects that she is not going to produce one for 2009

The Secret Sequel Book to be released first

Update June 2008

We have just received confirmation that the next product to be released will be the new Secret Book. Exact dates haven’t been disclosed yet but it is not too far away. One of the major ‘Secret’ distributors that we know well have mentioned that it should be released sometime between now and October 08.

Planet Earth Forever

The most recent release from The Secret is a wonderful inspirational clip called Planet Earth Forever. Who knows, maybe this is what the sequel to The Secret will be about.

Do take a look at this lovely film clip, just sit back and enjoy the music and our beautiful Planet Earth for three minutes. It’s good for your soul.

The Secret will have a sequel – But when?

Update May 2008

Well, we continue to get emails asking us when the sequel to The Secret movie will be released. And we continue to have to admit that we just don’t know.

Rhonda Byrne (The Producer of The Secret DVD) has a reputation as a perfectionist, and one of the things you may not be aware of is that she has been having The Secret DVD produced in several different languages. (See 'Different Languages for The Secret' Below) But this does not merely mean adding sub-titles to the video – no, she has found actors to ‘speak’ for each of the teachers. An enormous task! So, it seems that this assignment would have been using a large number of the resources of her business, and that there are still several countries/languages to go. We believe that much of this work is being done in Melbourne, Australia – where it all started; Rhonda’s own home town.

The other recent event that may cause a delay to the release of The Secret number 2, is the unfortunate litigation case that is occurring between Drew Heriot (The Director of the original version of The Secret) and Rhonda Byrne and her production company. As this is an ongoing trial we won’t make any comments about it at this stage. You can read more about it here.

Whatever happens, we’ll keep you posted, of that you can be sure.

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The Sequel to The Secret, not far away.

Update January 2008

We are receiving more and more emails asking us about the long awaited Sequel to The Secret.
The producers have been especially secretive about The Secret Sequel.
As retailers of the The Secret, we have developed a number of contacts through distributors as well as some of the teachers, and others who have been involved in the movie. No one has heard anything concrete, not even the biggest distributors. Hmmm, this time it really is a Secret, and perhaps will remain so until the day it goes on the shelves.

It does appear to be close though. According to one of the distributors, “...the sequel will probably not be coming out in January. We have not been told exactly when yet, except that it will be in the first half of the year.”

She thinks there will be no teachers in it but also mentioned that the soundtrack appears to be finished.

So to all you keen Secret fans out there who have been emailing and asking about the sequel, stay tuned, it’s not far away. Make sure you are on our mailing list so that you are the first to get the low down on the new release.

To subscribe to our mailing list go to

The Secret New update

Update November 2007

Well, the November release date hasn’t happened, and we still haven’t heard any more news about what the next Secret movie will be about.
We will be one of the first to find out when the news is finally released so bookmark this page and keep visiting to stay updated.

What is The Secret - The next step?

Update September 2007

The Official Secret website blogspot is calling it The Secret - The next step. We are not 100% sure if this is what it will be called, but we will find out soon enough as the rumors are that it will be released sometime in November 2007.

The word going around is that it will take up where The Secret left off and go into a bit more detail on how to apply the methods used in The Secret - creating a real action plan in other words. We can't confirm this at this time, but of course we will keep you updated as soon as we here anything. Make sure that you are on our newsletter so that you will know the moment that any news is released.

One thing for sure is that the movies The Opus and Pass it on, are not The Official sequel to The Secret.
The official Opus website even states this clearly in their blog.

The Pass it on website has no disclaimer about this that we could find, however it has been posted several times on The Secrets blogspot stating that it is a poor imitation. There are quite a number of blog posts and forums stating that each of these 2 films were the long awaited sequel to The Secret, but this has been debunked by The Secret company itself.

Well, there are exciting times ahead for "Secret" fans.
There are many different directions that the sequel could take in teaching people how to manifest whatever they want in their lives, and as huge advocates, we are really looking forward to The Secret - The Next Step
Stay tuned.