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Win The Secret SGR Course worth $2000!

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For each DVD you buy your name goes in the draw to win The $2,000 Secret Science of Getting Rich Homestudy Course.
Buy one Secret DVD to enter

We are drawing the lucky person on 30th July.

Bob Proctor's NEW Program teaching you how to Apply the Law of Attraction to Build the Ideal Life You Desire

*The Science of Getting Rich the book on which The Secret is based! We have been studying this for years, and now this beautifully leather packaged, superb course could be yours when you purchase a copy of the DVD. We put your name in the draw for each DVD you buy.

Now is the time to put the Law of Attraction into practice and win the SGR Briefcase. Just buy at least one Secret DVD to enter.

The $2,000 SGR Briefcase is the Complete Home Study course developed by Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield on the book in The Secret.

Here's What You Could Win...
Your Own Science of Getting Rich Briefcase.

The sgr briefcaseA Leather Briefcase containing 10 CDs, an MP3 Player preloaded with 15 hours of content, 15 Powerful Lessons & Action Planner, Compact Vision Boards, a $500 Gift Certificate and More...

Learn from the Best. The Teachers featured in the movie The Secret - Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield will Guide You on Mastering the Laws behind the Science of Getting Rich.

1. Never-Before-Recorded Audio Instruction

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With this program, you will be one of the privileged few to get access to never-before-recorded audio instruction and summaries of lessons and observations from the Teachers Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield. This is 10 audio CDs jam packed with their tutelage.

2. Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield, always by your side.

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We will also give you a compact digital MP3 player pre-loaded with 15-hours of content which means you will be totally immersed in the program IMMEDIATELY and CONSTANTLY to ensure you effect the Law of Attraction to bring you wealth EVERYDAY!
Immerse yourself anytime and anywhere! Listen anytime while in a bus, on a train, waiting in line, during lunch breaks, by the pool...

3. Tools To Help You Take Action and Keep It Going

sgr vision boards
15 Dynamic Lessons that capture specific teachings to help you further understand and implement the Law of Attraction as well as other Universal Laws. Clearly taught by Bob Proctor and Summarized by Jack Canfield.

Compact Personal Vision Boards for mapping out and envisioning the life you seek to attract.

Multiple Sources of Income (MSI) Whiteboards that motivate and inspire you to create New Channels of Wealth.

A Science of Getting Rich Goal Card - one of the primary foundational pieces in the absolute realization of your dreams.

4. New Opportunities, A Support System, Continuous Learning

sgr gift certificate
$500 Gift Certificate to attend a live SGR seminar worldwide to continue learning in a live seminar environment!

The Original Science of Getting Rich Book beautifully redesigned for this Briefcase, which means that ANYONE can master and internalize the wisdom of the ORIGINAL text without exception!

5. A Complete Training System in One Powerful Briefcase

sgr briefcase
A Rich, Supple Leather-Bound Briefcase specially designed to contain The Home Seminar Kit so that you can take it with you EVERYWHERE with no hassle.

Get your name in the draw as many times as you like just buy The Secret DVD now.

Buy The Secret DVD and you will go in the draw to win the SGR Briefcase

The Secret DVD

You will of course receive a FREE copy of the e-book The Science of Getting Rich with every order!

We are drawing the lucky person on 30th July.

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